Why do some galleries have watermarks and some don't?

We offer pre-ordered and fully share-able digital galleries at every MCCGA festival. It's easy, fast and incredibly inexpensive for your ENTIRE unit to have all of your performance images each week. Please visit the MCCGA Website, click on the schedule page for the event you wish to order, and pre-order your images! 

Order on or before the day of your festival: $25
Order after the day of your festival: $40

These prices are for regular season MCCGA festivals only and do not include WGI events or Championships.

EVERY PICTURE... for EVERY UNIT MEMBER... WATERMARK-FREE. Use on Facebook, Websites, School Yearbook, Scrapbooking, etc.

As always - we appreciate your purchases of your favorite prints. This enables us to keep equipment in tip-top shape and continue providing photographic event services at NO COST to the event! Ordering is simple, fast and 100% quality guaranteed. Thank you for respecting and valuing our services!